We are delighted to report that the All Our Futures team at Dawn Farms and our sister company, TMI Foods, last week won the Environmental and Sustainability award at the British Sandwich Association Awards in London, The Sammies.This award recognises our investment and achievements in scope 1&2 ghg emissions reductions by 24% in 2023waste reductions by 25% in 2023energy use reductions by 13% in 2023water usage reductions by 18% in 2023, as well as our commitment to sustainable sourcing, biodiversity, animal welfare and community engagement.
As a family-owned business, we pride ourselves in fostering a culture that is underpinned by energy awareness, the environment and sustainability. We operate a unique approach to our projects, with a green lean lens across all of our endeavours. We are an equal opportunities and equal pay company, and women play an integral role in the management of the company. We question, we challenge, we innovate, and we strive to, quite simply, do things ‘better’.
We recognise that this is a continuous journey, and we continue to challenge ourselves to drive a better awareness and an even deeper cultural mindset of the environment, sustainability, gender balance, diversity, and representation across our business.
Sammies Env Award 2024