Famous for superior craft and quality since 1985, Dawn Farms brings you Batch 85, a carefully chosen selection of signature products made from authentic, simple and responsibly sourced ingredients. Choose Batch 85 for 37 years of culinary craftmanship, passion and knowledge in Ready to Eat cooked meats.

A bowl of classic steaming, spaghetti carbonara using tasty Dawn Farms Batch 85 bacon pieces.


  • Quality
  • Trust
  • Expertise
A toasted sub roll with delicious Dawn Farms Batch 85 chunky meatballs in tomato sauce on a base of melted cheese.
A double-stacked BLT sandwich on white bread with a filling of Dawn Farms Batch 85 crispy bacon, lettuce and tomato.
An iron pan containing an oven-baked cheese pizza topped with Dawn Farms Batch 85 fajita chicken and red and green peppers.



  • Developed and cooked to perform for QSRs/fast casuals 
  • Fully cooked for hot & cold applications 
  • Suitable for pizza toppings, sandwich fillings & Tex Mex 
  • Responsibly sourced ingredients


  • Innovative & on-trend products for menus 
  • IQF frozen increases shelf life, reducing food waste  
  • Ready to Eat, increasing efficiencies for labour saving 
  • Quick turnaround from Ready to Order range 
A double-stacked pastrami on rye sandwich, containing layers of Dawn Farms Batch 85 peppered pastrami.
A plate holding two open flour tortillas laden with sauce-coated Dawn Farms Batch 85 Chicken Tinga, with tomato salsa on the side.
A cheese and tomato pizza with Dawn Farms Batch 85 sliced pepperoni topping.

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