Bringing the best new ideas to the table

Consumer insights feed innovation & growth

We believe that great ingredients make great food. Great ingredients come from outstanding food innovation, one of the essential building blocks of our business. Dawn Farms supplies a fast-moving market that is constantly evolving.

New food trends emerge all the time and staying ahead of the competition requires science and innovation. We constantly research global and local food markets to identify trends that we translate into menu offerings for our customers. 

Science & Innovation Centres

Blending expertise and experience

Our dedicated Science & Innovation Centre is home to expert, multidisciplinary, international teams with proven experience across all areas of food product development. Every aspect is considered in detail, from the select cut and provenance of meat, to the authenticity of herbs and spices, to the finished ingredient.

Through years of experience, we have developed a partnership approach that results in an on-going pipeline of added-value solutions for our customers. Working together, we believe that we can unlock value-added opportunities by combining our customer and market knowledge with our passion and knowledge for protein, process and culinary technology, new product development and creative innovation.

Consumer Insights

Culinary Development

Food Science

Food Safety Regulation & Legislation GUIDANCE

Process & Technology Innovation


We employ a robust stage-gate process, with acronym NECTAR, to convert ideas into outstanding products quickly and efficiently — exactly what you’d expect from a company that supplies the world’s leading food brands.

Bringing solutions to our customers to meet changing consumer tastes is at the heart of Dawn Farms.

Conor Cahill, Head of Science & Innovation

Research & Development

Innovation backed by Food Science

R&D is core to the sustainability of our business. It encourages creativity and innovation to flourish and gives our customers a competitive edge. We have longstanding affiliations with Europe-wide technical and academic research bodies.

From global insight reports to our own research, our dedicated Innovation team are always on the lookout to identify emerging and future consumer trends. Our common aim is to convert these insights into commercially successful products as quickly and efficiently as possible.

food safari

meat university workshops





First-to-market innovation

While we keep our collective finger on the pulse for emerging food trends, Dawn Farms strives to be a leader, not a follower. Our world-class expertise, experience, facilities and approach enable us to regularly bring original food innovations to our customers ahead of our competitors.

Gen Z in 2022

In this report, we dig into Gen Z’s latest behaviours and values, and look at what they’re craving in 2022.  We review best case examples of how food operators are catering to their needs and preferences with new flavours, innovations, and value models.

Berlin Food Safari

Over the course of 2 days, we explored the trending ingredients, menu styles, flavours, and cooking methods from one of Europe’s most reputable culinary hubs, Berlin. From quirky independents to famous high street chains, we wanted to find out what Berlin has to offer.

Trendcatcher 2022

TrendCatcher taps into the rising trends from our global food safaris and the future-focused audiences across TikTok and Instagram, leading on the creation of new flavour trends, exploring new taste territories and taking what already exists in unexpected directions shaping foodservice and retail in Spring/Summer 2022.


Your fortnightly global update on Consumer, Market and Menu insights

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Top 9: Friday 22nd July 2022

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At Dawn Farms, we believe insight-led innovation and strategic investment fuels a culture of future thinking and continuous improvement. Our ideas are rooted in true insight so that they will resonate with the consumer and remain flexible, timely and always on-trend, delivering better results for our customers across the globe.


We are proud to collaborate with the following organisations to ensure best practice in our operations and value chains aligned with our key innovation pillars.