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Apprenticeship Programme

At Dawn Farms we invest in recruiting and developing highly skilled, talented, and ambitious teams.

We have a wide variety of apprenticeships to choose from, ranging from Electrical Technicians to roles in Supply Chain, Lean Six Sigma, Laboratory Technicians, Engineering/Robotics and more.

Our people support each other and take great pride in mentoring our apprenticeship group to learn and grow to their full potential in their chosen discipline. The apprenticeship programmes range from 2–3 years depending on the chosen discipline.

We value people who are willing to work hard and have an appetite to learn as much as possible. You will receive real hands-on experience and work alongside people who are experts in their field. If you want to work with the best, apply now to our Apprenticeship Programme and open your world to your potential.

I’m on a Lean Six Sigma apprenticeship programme with Dawn Farms. Every day I learn more, the apprenticeship programme offers me invaluable skills for my role with hands-on experience and support from all the team around me.

Shannon Geoghegan, Lean Six Sigma Apprentice

Develop your skills at Dawn Farms.

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