Everything tastes better with bacon

Sizzling with possibilities

Our passion for bacon is evident in the range of cooked bacon we produce every day at our dedicated bacon plant in Northampton, UK. Our culinary team develop cooked bacon products that evoke true bacon flavour using a perfected combination of traditional grilling and microwave technology. True to our belief that the possibilities for bacon use are limitless, we are constantly developing new flavours and cures to meet market trends across Pizza, Prepared Meals, Sandwiches and Snacking.

Our Bacon, Your Choice

Flavour adventure, from light to crispy cook

We offer a number of different flavour profiles, including natural smoke and flavoured cures as well as various cook levels (light, medium, dark and very dark). We have also developed a range of pasteurised bacon which performs exceptionally as a pizza topping and as a prepared meal ingredient.

A chef adds a piece of Dawn Farms crispy cooked bacon to a stacked beef burger.
An array of Dawn Farms bacon ingredients on a wooden platter showing different levels of cooking, from crispy to soft and juicy.
A hand adds a piece of crispy cooked bacon to a stacked beef burger.

Custom Made For You

Sourced and cooked to your requirements

We believe that great ingredients make great food. We continue to work on healthy alternatives in line with our Health & Wellness policy which targets the reduction and elimination of salt, allergens, artificial colours and artificial flavours. We offer a range of turkey bacon and natural bacon, reduced in fat and salt, but crafted to deliver that smoked flavour and crisp texture, naturally.

All of our bacon products are cooked and ready-to-eat (RTE) for direct integration into your food offerings with no further preparation required.

Food Safety

Protecting your customers and your business

Customer brand protection is paramount for TMI Foods. We protect your brand by promoting a positive food safety culture and through enhanced Food Safety Standards, our brand protection programme that we call FOOD PLUS+.

As the UK’s leading B2B cooked bacon supplier, our relationships are built on trust; we earn this trust through our absolute commitment to producing the safest possible Ready to Eat cooked Protein products. We are approved to export products to markets in the EU, Hong Kong and working through building export partners in the global market.

We are fully compliant with UK food safety legislation, and globally recognised food safety Legislation and standards, including BRCGS V8 and HACCP Food Safety Plan. We also comply with other industry and customer codes of practice, as specified by our customer partners.

As leaders in our industry, we went that one step further, by creating our own brand protection programme that we call FOOD PLUS+. This is an enhanced approach to Food Safety and Quality which is present at every step of our product journey.

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