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“Great Ingredients Make Great Food.” This tells you everything you need to know about the values of our business. Everyone in our company is there for one reason: to meet the needs of our customers.


  • Cooked Meats

    Cooked Meats

    A wide range of IQF cooked meat solutions are available for use as pizza toppings, sandwich meats or in ready meal applications by our blue chip customers in the foodservice and food manufacturing sectors.

  • Fermented Meats

    Fermented And dried Meats

    We are the industry leader in Europe for ready-to-eat fermented meats such as pepperoni, salami and chorizo.

  • Cooked Bacon and Roasted Vegetables

    Cooked Bacon and Roasted Vegetables

    In the UK, TMI Foods supplies cooked bacon, roasted vegetables, and protein-based party and snack foods including pigs-in-blankets. TMI is a fully accredited supplier to UK / European retailers and global food brands.

TMI Foods Learn more about TMI Foods and their extensive range of cooked bacon & vegetables

Customised to meet your needs

  • Multi-species processing capabilities

    DEDICATED processing capabilities

    We produce cooked meats, fermented meats and roasted vegetables & peppers – a one stop shop for all your menu requirements.

  • Investment in cooking technology

    Investment in cooking technology

    Continuous investment across our plants means we operate some of the most modern cooked meat facilities in the world.

  • Foodservice and Food Ingredient solutions

    Foodservice and Food Ingredient solutions

    Select from our ready to order range of cooked meats and pizza toppings suitable for independent operators, distributors and manufacturers of prepared foods.

  • Innovation

    Food Innovation

    Each Dawn Farms facility operates a Meat Science and Innovation Centre to develop customised products to meet your specific needs. NECTAR is a robust stage gate process that we employ to create winning  products for our customers.

  • Food Plus

    Food Plus +

    We are committed to producing the highest quality meat ingredients. From HAACP to BRC, we tick all the boxes. But for us that is not enough. That is why we created Food Plus+, our proprietary food safety standard.

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