1. 15th of August 2014. Raging Red Rooster

    CONSUMER SPOTLIGHT Chicken has shown notable growth on UK foodservice menus – fuelled by its healthy perception, affordable nature and more importantly because it is considered […]

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  2. 17th of July 2014. Indian Chicken Kebab

    CONSUMER SPOTLIGHT To fuel your imagination this month, we’re exploring food-to-go Middle Eastern-style. We’ve been inspired by the recent flurry of kebab launches which, according […]

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  3. 6th of June 2014. El Torito Picante (The Spicy Bull)

    CONSUMER SPOTLIGHT At Dawn Farms we are very excited by the explosion of heat and spice on UK menus, which has been further fuelled by […]

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  4. 2nd of May 2014. The Volcanic Hawaiian

    CONSUMER SPOTLIGHT Ham is among the top three protein toppings on pizza, after pepperoni and chicken. This is largely due to the enduring popularity of […]

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